image of artist rachel diaz-bastin drawing strawberry finch bird using pencil. pencil art of bird.


Email to book your very own custom, original artwork. 


Have you had this experience? You spot an illustration of a common loon that you love, but what you are really after is a pink fairy armadillo? Or perhaps you know someone with a favorite animal or plant and want to give them a meaningful gift tailored just to them?

Let me help you! I love creating custom works for educational purposes, as well as for people's homes, workspaces, or as gifts. Let's make it happen!

We break down your idea first and I quote based on the concept complexity and time involved to create the piece. When discussing your commission the more detailed description of your idea the better. I am also happy to use my artistic license and create a piece special to you. 

 I can also offer suggestions on sizing, and whether an original or print would suit you best. All of my original artworks are hand-drawn with Prismacolor colored pencils and blended meticulously to achieve a richly colored and smooth, watercolor-like finish. Depending on the complexity of the illustration this can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks to complete, with an upper size limit of 16x20 for originals. However, prints can be made in any size that suits you!

During the process I start with a sketch of your idea followed by updates during the illustration process and allowing for alteration in the beginning stages if you see the piece needs them.


If possible, please send me reference images so that I can get a feel for your idea, even if they are images of my previous work.


Payment is required up-front for all commissioned pieces. Prices vary based on size and complexity (number or plants and animals), in each piece, usually between $150-$600, but sometimes more for very large and involved pieces.

*Prices are negotiable for non-profit organizations* 

Once we have agreed on a price for your artwork, you will receive an invoice with payment details. Shipping is included in the price of all custom artwork and once completed we will arrange for the piece to be sent to the address of your choice.

 If you have read this far I'm guessing you have an idea you would like to see created! Send me and email and let's start chatting.

I look forward to working with you and can't wait to bring your artwork to life!